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Experience the epitome of luxury with our exclusive Discovery Set of unisex fragrances, masterfully designed by world-renowned perfumers Claude Dir, Vincent Kuczinski and Gino Percontino. Immerse yourself in a meticulously curated collection of all six opulent Eau de Toilettes, elegantly presented in 2ml vials. As a distinguished consumer, you'll enjoy complimentary shipping, ensuring a seamless and convenient journey. This extraordinary ensemble also includes a 20% discount towards a 50ml full-size bottle of your favorite scent, allowing you to elevate your olfactory experience to new heights. Complete with a resplendent, iridescent bubble pouch made from recycled plastic, this remarkable Gift With Purchase embodies the perfect fusion of luxury and sustainability. Ideal for sampling, layering, or gifting to a fragrance aficionado, our vegan, clean, and certified cruelty-free Eau de Toilettes embody the pinnacle of elegance, enabling you to indulge in a truly refined fragrance experience.

Discovery Set - The Bubble Collection

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